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Prof. Dejan Trifunovic

Prof. Dejan Trifunovic is a full professor of Microeconomics and Industrial Organization Of the university of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics. He has PhD-Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade which was completed in 2009. His areas of interests are Auctions, Matching, Competition policy, Game theory, Network industries, Asymmetric information.

management conference

Dr. Nadia Sbei Trabelsi

Dr. Nadia Sbei Trabelsi is currently an Associate Professor of Accounting at the American University in Dubai. Her education includes a Ph.D. in Accounting from “Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis – Nice, France. Her academic experience includes courses ranging from introductory courses to upper-undergraduate and MBA courses in Accounting, Business, and Finance. In her research, she is interested in studying the quality of financial accounting information and its usefulness for decision-making. In her recent papers, she analyzed in different contexts the role of International Financial Reporting Standards in providing high quality
information to users and the costs related to their adoption for firms. She has published papers in top-quality journals such as the International Journal of Accounting and Information Management and the Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal.

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Mrs. Imen Omri

Mrs. Imen Omri is graduated with a PhD in Finance from Carthage University. She is an Assistant Professor at Law and Business School and researcher at the “Research and Innovation Center CRI” at Polytech Intl Group, Tunisia.
Her areas of interest revolve around Financial markets, Asset pricing, Financial contagion, Portfolio management and Applied finance.

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Mr. Dingyan Guo

Mr. Dingyan Guo is currently an undergraduate in Durham university. He is a 3rd year undergraduate in Bsc Finance. After the first 2 years’ study, he found the attraction of Economics and is looking forward to paying more attention on this domain.

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Mr.Iulian Nicolae Vasiloiu

Mr.Iulian Nicolae Vasiloiu is a PhD Student at the Romanian Academy from Bucharest, Romania and economist at the National Bank of Romania since 2009. His PhD studies focus on economic integration, analysis of macroeconomic indicators, adoption of the euro.

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