Berlin Sightseeing



The Reichstag, Germany’s main Parliament building, an incredibly beautiful and distinctive building in Mitte, Berlin. Today tourists can have the amazing privilege of ascending into the great glass dome and gazing upon the exciting city it is home to, as well as learning a thing or two about the dramatic history.


Unter den Linden Street

The Unter Den Linden Boulevard should definitely feature on your Berlin travel itinerary. It is a road flanked on both sides by lemon trees which gives the entire place a very enchanting feel during the day and during the night, the lit up boulevard is simply magical. The equestrian statue of Friedrich Wilhelm II adorns one end of the road.


Museum Island

This dramatic presence on the city skyline is, in fact, a cluster of beautiful and extensive museums promising to amaze and inspire everybody who visits. Passes for the Museum Island, which also guarantee entry to many other museums and exhibitions around Berlin, can be purchased for a very reasonable sum, allowing visitors to go wherever their inspiration takes them.


Brandenburg Gate         

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor in German) marks a very prominent place on the cultural and historical map of Berlin. This beautiful triumphal arch stands at the end of the Unter den Linden Boulevard. It is considered a symbol of the extremely rich history of Germany. Not a part of the original fortifications, it is believed that it was set up to separate the regions. Although it was constructed as a symbol of peace, it became like a portal for the people on both sides while Germany was still separated. While in the past, it used to be an important symbol of the separation of Germany into East and West, today it is a powerful symbol of the unification due to its historical significance.

Zoological Garden (Berlin Zoo)

The Zoological Garden or the Berlin Zoo is located on the western side of Tiergarten. It is definitely one of the most loved attractions in the city of Berlin. The most striking feature of the zoo is that it has special habitats made for every animal. Special architects were commissioned for each exhibit and therefore the adaptability of the animals was really quick, as it was made especially for them.

There are birds, mammals and a huge variety of animals that you will come across while exploring the zoo. You should definitely not miss out on the Polar bear here who’s made the zoo his home and has adapted really well or for that matter even the big cats that would amuse you with their ferociousness yet a charming nature. The amazing part is that most of the animals are roaming almost freely in their areas which makes this place a delight to see.

Olympia Stadium

The Olympia Stadium in Berlin is a historical and cultural Landmark of utmost importance. Although the Olympics have been held here only in 1936, sports today in Berlin could not be imagined without the mention of it. This stadium is easily one of the most striking stadiums in the world. The architecture is truly remarkable. We should not forget legacy left by the prestigious games that have been played here as it is one of the biggest hubs for international games currently.

Victory Column

Berlin Victory Column is a mark of German history and represents the victory of the Prussian in the German-Danish war. Originally designed by Heinrich Strack, this victory column was made between 1864 and 1873. Today it comes in the list of monuments that are put in preservation order. All in all, it represents around three victories. One being the victory of the Prussians in the German-Danish was which took place in the year 1864. Later, the victory of Germans over Austria in the year 1866 was also included. Lastly, the victory of Prussians again over France in the year 1870-71 was put here in the column. The column has around 285 steps which go in a spiral and claim to be fit only for the fittest.

Treptower Park

Treptower Park is one of the most off beaten attractions of Berlin. It is never crowded by a lot of tourists as it does not feature in the mainstream must see-must do things in Berlin. But in all honesty, it is one of the most underrated attractions in the city. Treptower Park not only offers you calmness of mind paired with peace as well as serenity, but also an outlook of the Russian war. The famous Soviet War Memorial is housed inside Treptower Park and is almost heartbreaking to see the number of soldiers who lost their lives in the whole ordeal. Apart from this, it runs by the Spree River and is a part of one of the most beautiful societies of Berlin- Alt Treptow.


Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall is one of the biggest historical landmarks in the history of not only Berlin but the entire world. Berlin Wall was initially built to keep out capitalism and protect Berlin and the city from outside forces. Over time, the Wall saw a lot of attempted escaped and more than a hundred deaths in the process. In 1975, the wall was recreated from roughly 45,000 slabs and today Berlin has the major part of the remaining wall which was built under Soviet Pressure. You can still feel the intensity of the US and Soviet face off once you are at this wall memorial. In all, the Berlin Wall marks a very significant place on the historical map of Berlin-which is tragic and enriching at the same time. Berlin Wall tours cover a lot of other monuments as well. This memorial is a place to understand the history and relive the sacrifice of Berliners.


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Also known as the Holocaust Memorial, this striking space, composed of concrete blocks, covers almost five acres, right in the center of Berlin. It resembles a cemetery and even on a summer’s day, it definitely has a distinctly somber feel.


Berlin Dome

Although it was heavily bombed during World War Two, this imposing cathedral has been beautifully restored to the architectural marvel it has always been, from the distinctive exterior to the exacting detail of the ceiling. Guided tours as well as audio guides are available and tell visitors fascinating anecdotes and facts as well as illuminating the many historical aspects of the cathedral.

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